Haley Mitchell
Haley Mitchell


Jacob (Husband) Claire Mitchell(Daughter) Corey Mitchell (Son)

High School

Japan High School

Haley Mitchel is the girl at Jacob's school. Haley has a huge crush on Jacob Jacob freaks out that she kissess him on the cheak. On Friday she came to his house to stay all night with him she slept in his room on his shoulder Jacob let her because after Eri left his school he's moved on to dating Haley. Haley has known Jacob every since she went to his school. Haley gave Jacob her jacket and he gave her a heart locket he made for her Jacob wrought her a letter telling her that he loves her a lot because they became boyfriend and girlfriend. Jacob asked her if she would marry him she said yes. After the wedding Jacob and Haley went to her house she showed him her bed room he likes it her mom likes Jacob she's gald Haley has a husband and her father likes him too. Later he tells Haley he's gald that he's married to her she cares about Jacob. One day Jacob lost himself to demon form like InuYasha in the final epsiode and she ran after him like Kagome her new mother-in-law did to InuYasha only after Jacob transformed back into his human form he passess out with blood on his cheak cause he was trying to protect his little girl thats one of her nicknames. Haley is glad that she's spending time with Jacob. Jacob hates it when people pick on Haley like Hojo he picks on her all the time so Jacob uses his demon form to hurt Hojo so he'll leave Haley alone thats how Jacob lost himself to his demon form Jacob is very protective of Kagome InuYasha Haley and Claire.


Jacob Higurashi (Her true love forever)

Claire Higurashi