Inuyasha's Words And Jacob's Broken Heart is the third episode of Jacob Higurashi. It sets in the feudal era with Inuyasha standing in front of the tree he was knocked into by Kikyo realizing Jacob seen his father Inuyasha yells at him for not staying with his mother and broke his heart and he ran off into the well. The next morning Kagome was waking up thinking Jacob was next to her and starts searching for him and Inuyasha said he's at his grandmother's house getting ready for school (going to his mother's old school) and that he is never coming back. He was given Kagome's old bed room and he meets Hojo and Hojo is woundering why he has fangs and has sunglass over is eyes. Hojo never knew Kagome had a son and a daughter he met Claire eailer. He then runs into his old pal Kagome