Jacob Higurashi is InuYasha and Kagome's newborn baby who is quater demon. The crazest thing Jacob does is crawl to his mother and calls her mommy when InuYasha tought him how to fight he wanted to be a great quater demon but not knowing he cannot control his sabge rage he's very protective of his mother and father. Kagome also has a daughter named Claire Higurashi. After a while when Jacob was growing up he went to Kagome's school and fell in love with Eri Eri also fell in love with him so they started to date each other then Kagome comes back to her own time to tell Jacob to remain with her and InuYasha because of his behavior she didn't ground him she just doesn't want anything to happen to her son so he hugs her because Kagome knows Jacob really loves her one time he hugged her and wouldn't let her go because he has a spical bond with his mommy.

Yōkai: Jacob also has yokai form but different then Inuyasha's. He has black stripes and his the back of his eyes turn red and his eyes turn black

Human: Unlike his father he turns human twice a month when there is a full moon